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Silver Servants Program

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“Everything is Better in Metter because WE CARE!!”

“Care” is an action word. At Guido Ministries, we desire to put into action what others have merely talked about.

At the heart of this action is the Silver Servants Senior Center. This will be a center where those from the community ages 65 and above can come to have their needs met. We will meet them where they are to pour into them spiritually and mentally to ensure a sense of belonging and ownership.

As Silver Servants, we will spend the day worshipping, enjoying recreational activities, sharing a meal together and participating in a service activity to help others. As we show that we care for those who attend, they will be empowered to care for others.

Please contact Christy Brown at 912-690-0626 for more information about his program. If you know someone who is 65 or older, we would love for you to join us!!