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Welcome to the Sower Ministries internet site. We are honored that you have come to visit us and pray that you will enjoy your time with us. Below is today’s “Seeds Of Hope,” which is our Daily Devotional. They are helpful not only in your spiritual walk, but the stories and illustrations make great sermon starters!

Seeds Of Hope For Thursday, September 16th, 2021


A family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada purchased a well-trained and very expensive guard dog to protect their home and belongings. It brought them great peace and comfort and reduced their fears of someone invading their home.

One evening as the family gathered together to watch their favorite television program, the dog began to bark. “Hush, Sarge,” said the father. But Sarge refused to stop barking and looked anxiously from one family member to another. They refused to be bothered as they watched the show. It was too entertaining.

Finally, the program was over, and the father excused himself and went upstairs to go to bed. As he entered his bedroom, he realized that the dog had been trying to get their attention. A thief had carefully and quietly entered their home, opened their safe and stolen their most valuable possessions. The repeated warnings of the dog could not get their attention to alert them to danger. The value of his warnings went unheeded.

“Today,” (or – a more literal translation – “listen to Me now”) warned the Psalmist, “if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts!” Often God tries to “get our attention” to warn us of impending dangers. He does His best to speak to us through His Word or a friend, a verse of Scripture or a sermon. He reaches out to us in love and compassion – anxious to warn us of the attractiveness of self-destructive behaviors that destroy us. The power of temptation blinds us from seeing destruction that awaits us. But, like the family in Canada, we are so often too involved in the things of this world to hear His warning.

Prayer: Lord, open our ears to hear, our eyes to see, and our minds to be alert to the temptations we face constantly. May we listen for Your voice. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today: Today, if only you would hear his voice, Do not harden your hearts as you did at Meribah. Psalm 95:7b-8

If you enjoyed the devotional above, we have LOTS more! A special blog that collects all of the previous devotionals has been created so that you can easily find messages on any topic or Scripture. Go here for our Devotionals Blog! (Sower Ministries wishes to thank the estate of the late board member Grady McElmurray for helping make this archive possible.)

Guido Prison Ministry

Won’t you pray about your involvement with our ministry to prisoners? We don’t send out bulk mailings to prisons for random distribution, but we add each prisoner to our mailing list as they request it. At present, we send out 2,300 packages to individuals in prison each month. Each day we receive letters from many, telling us how much our devotionals mean to them, and how they share them with their fellow inmates. We can send one prisoner material each month at the cost of $20 a year. That’s not a lot. Join us in this ministry to those that need it so much… the prisoners. Contact us at 912-685-2222 to become a partner in reaching out to those the Bible tells us not to forget. Go here to a special blog that collects prisoner testimonial letters that show the effects of this ministry and highlight the need!


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