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“The Michael Guido Story” Audio Book

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In the 80′s, Dr. and Mrs. Guido went into the recording studio with their friend Sarah Coleman to do an audiobook version of their autobiography “The Michael Guido Story.” Mrs. Coleman, their co-author and editor, read chapters from the book, and Dr. and Mrs. Guido narrated their parts in each chapter.  This entire set of recordings has been encoded digitally in MP3 format for your listening convenience and enjoyment. We know your heart will be blessed and your faith lifted by listening to the miraculous story of Dr. and Mrs. Guido’s life and ministry!

Click on the filename below to listen to the segment you wish to hear.

To save the file to your hard drive, right-click on the filename, and then select “Save Target As…” from the drop-down menu. Save it to the folder of your choice on your computer for later reference. You can then burn them to audio CD or transfer to an MP3 device.

Chapter One Forward and “Sowing In The Morning” Time: 36:34

Chapter Two ”Sowing Seeds Of Kindness” Time: 27:46

Chapter Three “Sowing In The Noontide” Time: 43:44

Chapter Four “Waiting For The Harvest” Time: 35:37

Chapter Five ”We Shall Come Rejoicing” Part 1  Time: 28:24

Chapter Five “We Shall Come Rejoicing” Part 2 Time: 9:24

Chapter Six “Bringing In The Sheaves” Time: 25:25

Chapter Seven “Sowing In The Sunshine” Time: 27:39

Chapter Eight “Sowing In The Shadows” Time: 27:30

Chapter Nine “By And By The Harvest” Time: 26:00

Chapter Ten “Going Forth With Weeping” Time: 21:17

Chapter Eleven “Sowing For The Master” Time: 42:42

Chapter Twelve “Tho’ The Loss Sustained” Time: 19:41

Chapter Thirteen “We Shall Come Rejoicing, Bringing In The Sheaves” Time: 26:43

Chapter Fourteen “The Sower And His Lady” Time: 25:25

Chapter Fifteen “Cultivate Faithfulness” Time: 21:17

Bonus File: ”Seeds From The Sower” devotionals and the sermon “Christ Is All” Time: 38:56

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