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A Brief Introduction to the Guido Evangelistic Association

Dr. Guido and his wife, Audrey, have produced radio and television spots for more than 30 years. With a staff of 12, the Guidos produce three daily radio broadcasts and release more than 3,500 programs every week, some of which reach all seven continents of the world. The Guidos were the first to produce a one-minute inspirational spot for television, and now “A Seed for the Garden of Your Heart” is shown on more than 1,500 television stations.

In addition, the Guidos produce a weekly, camera-ready newspaper column for 1,600 newspapers and send devotional materials to a mailing list of more than 35,000. All of this is written, printed and distributed with no charge.

Since beginning his TV ministry in 1972, Dr. Guido has become widely sought after as a speaker and is well-known and respected by many. When the Guido’s beautiful prayer chapel was built, Dr. and Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale came to dedicate it. Yet the Guidos’ only goal is to spread the gospel, not to bring glory to their ministry but to God.

Aspects of the Ministry Outreach: TV, Radio and Print


“A Seed For the Garden of Your Heart” is a daily one minute feature filmed in the fabulous Guido Gardens. To view Window Media files of the telecast, click here. Television station programmers may click here for more information about the telecast and find out how to get a demo tape.


“A Seed From the Sower,”is a one-minute daily inspirational spot. “Seeds From the Sower,” is a five-minute daily program, “The Sower,” is a fifteen minute daily program, and “The Sower 25″ is a twenty-five minute weekly broadcast. To listen to samples of the one-minute program, click here. Radio station programmers may click here for more information about the broadcasts and learn how to get an audition CD.


Each month from the Print Plant, the Association prints and mails out “Seeds From the Sower,” which is the daily devotional booklet; “The Sermon of the Month,” which is the message Dr. Guido records for his 25 minute radio program; and “Sowing and Reaping,” a delightful collection of facts, anecdotes, witticisms, reminders, Scriptural thoughts, ministry updates and more. Click here to sign up for a free subscription.

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